About Us

Beyul Travel and Treks was founded by a group of travel professionals with a passion to showcase their beautiful homeland – Nepal to the world. Our team of knowledgeable experts is here to take care of every need of yours, from the very moment you reach us until your departure. We are the pioneers in designing off-the-beaten tailor-made itineraries. As a leader in responsible travel, we offer adventure with a very small environmental footprint. When you book trips with us, you are supporting sustainable tourism in the protection of local communities, nature and wildlife habitat. As a visitor to any destination, we are committed to minimizing impact to the surrounding, preserve what is delicate and leave no trace. With all these core values, we look forward to host your travel and logistics needs in this beautiful country.

We believe in sustainable tourism which supports environmental awareness, cultural sensitivity, and community support. Our knowledge and commitment to preserving the natural beauty and cultural ideals confirm our belief that we are the best company to introduce you and your friends to the stunning experience which is Nepal. Traveling to Nepal is now immensely popular and highly recommended by such worldwide organizations as National Geographic, Lonelyplanet , and TripAdvisor.

Contact Beyul Treks today and allow our dedicated staff to arrange your tour and be your guides. Come and discover Nepal with us and let your life be changed forever.

Khadak Rokaya


Born and raised in Jumla, a remote district in western Nepal, it was always an adventure for Khadak Rokaya, be it helping parents with farm-lore or attending school directly from summer farmhouse (goth). Nomadic lifestyle during the summer days with cattle and grandfather is what he misses. He embarks on this trip whenever he has time.

When he came to Kathmandu for higher education, his intimacy with nature is the reason why he chooses the university in an outskirt of Kathmandu Valley. He spent almost a decade there doing Intermediate to Masters in Environmental Science. His passion for travel grew even stronger when he started visiting places around Nepal for scientific studies. He has been to almost all the major tourist destinations in the Himalayas from Sandakpur in the extreme East to Api-Nampa Base Camp in the Far-West.

After working for almost 8 years in development, natural resource management, and the tourism sector, he has finally realized that he would be much happier if he could make a decent living from his passion for nature. This intrinsic realization is the foundation of Beyul Travel and Treks with fellow like-minded people who share a similar passion.

For the research he has contributed so far, please visit Research Works.

Prabhat Khadka


Following his passion for traveling, his longtime dream of being involved in this industry has finally come true with Beyul. With longtime mates from Kathmandu University, Beyul got finally three fellows that share a similar passion. Giving back to society and making a difference, Prabhat has been involved in a number of social works that helps people in need.

Having graduated in IT, he believes his knowledge and passion for travel- while combined together, there are plenty of gaps that could be fulfilled. He has trekked major routes like Manaslu, Helambu, Annapurna, Tsho Rolpa, and Rara Lake to name a few. He already used to be one of the travel consultants for most of his friends. He thus uses the knowledge gained so far into the real world, which he believes, could make beyul the only major agency where community help, service and customer satisfaction would be the major goal.

Roshan Joshi


Born in the Far-Western lowland (Terai) of Nepal, he has always been obsessed with the mountains since childhood. During summer nights there were days when he used to go to the rooftop of his house and stare at the mountains endlessly. Though always fascinated by the mountains, he first witnessed mountains first-hand only when he was twelve years old. After completing school, his life as a traveler started only after his arrival to Kathmandu for further studies. He completed his graduation from Kathmandu University as a Telecommunication Engineer in 2008. During his college life, he traveled to different trekking destinations in Nepal by saving his pocket money.

His professional career as a Telecommunication Engineer led him to travel from rural mountains to lowlands which reinforced his passion for traveling all the nooks and alleys of Nepal. With vast experience of traveling to 68 (out of 75) districts of Nepal by air, by motor vehicle, by foot mostly and sometimes by horse, he strongly believes that Nepal can only be developed once the rural part of Nepal is developed. The improvement in the living standard of people in remote mountain terrain can only be done by promoting tourism to those places. He aspires to develop Nepal by bringing sustainable tourism to grass root level by empowering the local community.

Swechha Lamichhane


Born in the heart of Nepal, Kathmandu, Swechha Lamichhane has traveled around the world and Nepal to fulfill her passion for traveling. Being a student of environmental science, she has traveled to different national parks and wildlife conservation areas as a conservationist.

Having worked in a wildlife NGO for more than 5 years, she is a traveler with a cause for sustainable eco-tourism. For her, Beyul is the perfect platform to follow her passion for ecotourism and conservation with like-minded fellow colleagues.

Ganga Adhikari

Ganga Adhikari

Although Miss Ganga Adhikari was born in the plain land of the mid-western part of Nepal, she always felt her connection with the enchanting hills and mountains. Wandering through the hills and enjoying nature, trekking, and hiking have always been a passion and part of her life. After a long thought, preparation and training, she was finally able to make her passion a profession. Her journey to becoming a trekking guide, which she eventually made it, was one of her biggest dreams come true. To keep this journey always moving and inspiring thousands of women in Nepal, she has been taking training in different areas of the related field. She has been trained with the Ministry of Tourism as a “Trek Guide” from NATHM and also has successfully completed the “Wilderness First Aid” course which was organized by HIMALAYAN MEDICS. She is a wanderer and a nature lover and vows to explore most of the beautiful landscapes of our beautiful country and around the world.

Why Travel with Beyul?

1. Giving back to the community

The whole idea of founding Beyul Travel and Treks was to lend support to the local rural community in Nepal. We prefer hotels/teahouses/restaurants with positive links with the local community ensuring the revenue benefits locals rather than multinational chains. During our treks in the remote Himalayas, we try to employ porter, assistant guides from the particular region as much as possible. We regularly organize volunteering trips for our guests in the remote villages, where guests can contribute to the local schools, health posts, meanwhile learn the hardship and resilience of Himalayan people.

2. Commitment to save the environment minimizing carbon footprints

We have been a leader in responsible travel and ecotourism since 2014. As a leader in eco-conscious trips, we offer trips from Everest Base Camp treks, Safaris in Chitwan National Park to mediation trips in Lumbini-Birth place of Buddha. We believe that life-changing travel is not only about seeing places but also experiencing people, their cultures, foods, lifestyle and in the process making sure that the people and environment unexploited. We do not encourage the usage of plastic bottles/bags during trips. We suggest our client avoid bottled water as far as possible since we are concerned about the proper disposal of plastic bottles, especially during the trek.

3. High safety standards

When exploring the wilderness, we follow international safety standards. All of our tour leaders are Wilderness First Aid Certified, who will ensure your safety throughout. During low season, we utilize the time by training our guides to the utmost safety standard. In addition, there is always a standby support team available at the head office.

4. Personalized experiences

Whether traveling independently or with a group, we take care of you like our family members. Unexpected circumstances, unfortunately, could occur: eyeglass break, medicines requiring replenishment, illness, but we will always be there for you to take care of all your special needs to help you promptly. Our clients are our primary priority and we will always ensure that you will be in safe hands while traveling with us.