Top 10 Adventure Sports to try in Nepal

1. Bungee jumping/Swing

Bungee jumping is one of the most adrenaline filled sports in Nepal. The bungee is done 160 meters above the wild Bhote Koshi River, that is located 3 hours’ drive away from Kathmandu near Tibet-Nepal border. It was started by New Zealand based company and is one of the safest bungee jumping in the world. Bhote Koshi is one of the longest free-falling gorge in the world and the perfect getaway for adrenaline thrill seekers.

Bungy in PokharaThe second bungee located in Pokhara has Nepal’s only tower bungee with 70m vertical height and located conveniently 20 minutes’ drive from Pokhara city. It gives magnificent view Annapurna and Fishtail mountains and rivers.

2. Kayaking

Nepal is a perfect destination for kayaking as it is famous for its rivers and water bodies. In kayaking, kayaks are made of plastic and have floatation device which helps to maintain its buoyancy. The kayakers use the paddle to move against the river water waves and rapids. For kayaking, you need to take special short courses of 3-4 days after which you can go kayaking in the river. It is done in Seti, Trisuli, Bhotekoshi, Marshyandi, Karnali and most of the rivers of Nepal.

3. Ziplining

Zip Flyer Pokhara

To fly between the mountains and enjoy the adrenaline rush, ziplining is perfect adrenaline sports. The one and only Ziplining in Nepal is located in hilltop of Sarangkot in Pokhara with the distance of 1.80 km, vertical height of 2000 ft and speed of 120km/hr. It is located in one of the steepest hills of Nepal.

4. Canoeing

The major source of freshwater in Nepal is mountains and thus provides abundant opportunities for canoeing. Canoeing means hiking, rock climbing, sliding, jumping, swimming and climbing down the waterfalls. It is an extreme water sport. It is done in Sundarijal area, Trisuli and Bhote Koshi river in Nepal.

5. Paragliding

Paragliding is the perfect way to view the mountains without climbing the mountain. It provides picture perfect view of the Himalayas, the ponds, and lakes and urban areas. Pokhara is one of the top commercial paragliding regions in the world. In Nepal, it has now being introduced in many other places as well like Bhedetar Dharan, Syngja etc.

Paragliding in Pokhara

With an added thrill in paragliding, in Parahawking, you can enjoy the same thrill with a hawk along your side to lead you and give more feel of bird’s eye view. You can even feed the trained Hawks during your glide This is one of a kind adventure and has become popular in recent time in Nepal

6. Everest Sky Diving

It cannot get any better than this. To view the Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, from the closest viewpoint available, Everest skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline sport popular among adrenaline junkies. The flight takes the height of 29,500 ft, which is higher than the mountain itself from where you take the plunge and land at the base camp.

Skydiving is also available in Pokhara located at Pame hill dropzone, west of Phewa Lake. The plunge will take place at the height of 11000-13000 ft and you can get the view of the peaks as the valley of Pokhara.

7. Rafting

Bhotekoshi Rafting Nepal

Nepal is the world’s second richest country in water resources. It is a definitive destination for whitewater rafting due to its topography. The rivers coming from the Himalayas offer waves and tides for white water rafting. It is done in all the major rivers across Nepali like Trisuli, Bhote Koshi, Karnali, Kali Gandaki, Seti Rivers.

8. Canyon Swing

Just like Bungee, Canyon Swing is also a gravity-defying adrenaline sport popular in Nepal. The swinger jumps parallel to the Bhote Koshi River and swings back and forth. This is done 160 m above the wild Bhote Koshi, 3 hours’ drive away from Kathmandu near Tibet-Nepal border. It was started by New Zealand based company and is one of the highest gorges in the world for the swing.

9. Ultralight flight

Things to do in Pokhara- Ultra Light FlightUltralight flight offers complete aerial sightseeing of Pokhara in short span of time. It is a unique way to experience the beauty of Pokhara along with panoramic view of Mount Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri. The ultralight plane is safe and has a pilot so you can relax and enjoy the panoramic view.

10. Mountain biking

Because of the topography of Nepal, which is hilly and rugged, mountain biking has become popular in recent time. This adventure sports take you through the unique topographies and give cultural insights of local people. Though adventurer seeks to go for round Annapurna circuit mountain biking, there are please of tracks available around Kathmandu valley, where you can go for a day trip of 2 as per your availability.

“Yak Attack”, one of difficult mountain bike challenge in the world is held in Nepal annually. It is renowned for its unique experience of a battle between mountain biker and mother nature.