Unique things to do in Kathmandu

Rickshaw ride in Thamel

Rickshaw is a three-wheeled vehicle guided by rickshaw driver to roam around the city. It is generally used in crowded areas with narrow roads for faster movement. The rickshaws in Thamel and Jyatha area is the perfect way of exploring the narrow alleys of Thamel and Asan. Asan, Thamel and its surrounding area have hundreds of small temples, local eateries, and kiosks that are better explored on the rickshaw. If you want to live like a local and experience the street market in the nooks and alleys of Kathmandu, Rickshaw ride is the best way to explore.

Nepali Cooking Class

Nepali cuisine consists of rice, dal(Lentil soup), green vegetables, chicken/mutton curry, achar(Pickle) and Dahi(Curd) which is a staple of every Nepali household. Nepalese eat dal-bhat every day. It is a perfect blend of carbs, protein, and vitamins. If you have been traveling in Nepal, you will be familiar with the work Dal Bhat. Most of the travelers fell in love with this signatory Nepalese food, that serves as a strong diet during the treks especially when there are fewer tea houses. The new generation travelers care about experiential stuff like the taste, smell, feel, hence joining Nepali cooking class can be the perfect way to take savor the culinary delights of the region.

Taste Newari cuisine at Medival town of Patan, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur

Newari set on food to try in Nepal

If you are in Kathmandu you must be familiar with the Newar People. Newars are the historical inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley and its surrounding. They are the creators of Kathmandu’s historic heritage and civilization. With history comes the food, that’s where Newar peoples have mastered their culinary expertise. For the most authentic cuisine in Kathmandu, Newari cuisine in the nooks and alley of  Patan/Bhaktapur Durbar Square and in Kirtipur are the places to be. From serving local bara, chatamari, choila and chyang, these local eateries are run by local families for generations. If you love water buffalo meats you are in heaven, Newari cuisine specializes in water buffalo meat from dried to roasted meat, from boiled to fries, you will be served with any kinds of meats based on your interests.

Singing bowl therapy

One of the most sought after the meditative tool used in modern time is singing bowl. It is highly used in Buddhism for meditation and chanting. The singing bowl therapy is an alternative medicine practice that is popular in the West to clear chakras, for meditative sound, to heal body pains and for mental well being.  The bowl is made of metal (an alloy of copper and tin) with addition of impurities in most of them. The pure the metal, more authentic the singing bowl is considered. It also features a wooden striker to bring the sound from the singing bowl in a different frequency. The bowl can be placed in different parts of the body for the desired effects.  Many proponents claim that the vibrations of a singing bowl can produce beneficial changes in the body by reducing ​stress, “harmonizing” the cells, and “balancing the body’s energy system.” If you are into meditation, this unique experience can help you reduce stress and relax.

Attend a classical musical concert at Pashupati or Classical music at Yala Mandala during the full moon

Not many people know about this, but full moon concert at Pashupatinath temple is one of the most spiritually awakening activity to do in Kathmandu. Kirateshwor Sangeet Ashram organizes the concerts in Kirateshwor Mahadev Temple which is located in the Pashupati temple complex. These mesmerizing concerts with classical music is definitely a unique thing to do in Kathmandu.

Every full moon, Yala Mandala, located at Patan, organizes classical music Night. Yala Mandal is a creative hive that fosters artistic creativity. For Nepali artists and artisans who want to create products made to the most exacting standards, Yala Mandala has become the creative hive to turn to. The venue offers delectable cuisines, classical music along with the cozy traditional Nepalese experience.

Join pottery class at Pottery square Bhaktapur

Pottery making is one of the oldest tradition of Bhaktapur which still has its root in the oldest part of the city. In Bhaktapur, there are two pottery squares famous for making and selling varieties of pottery items such as curd bowl, candle holder, water pot, coin pot, decorative arts, cookware, and bakeware. The Ceramics found in Bhaktapur are of better quality because of the use of black clay. The spinning off of the wooden wheels and the shape of the clay that starts to emerge is highly fascinating which is an art in itself. You can also see the firing process at the back of the square which is lined with mud-covered straw kilims. You can also be involved in pottery making class. What a unique experience go back in time and be immersed.

Thangka painting tour

Thangka painting






















Thangka painting is an ancient Buddhist tradition that serves as an important tool to teach the life of the Buddha, various lamas, and deities. ‘The Wheel of Life’ is one of the major subjects of Thangka painting. The artists train for years to master the art of painting. You can also attain a Thangka painting workshop, you will be able to communicate with your inner artist and learn the ancient art of the Thangka master.

Thangka paintings can be found in Boudha and Patan areas and other popular world heritage sites.

Ason spice Market

The hustle and bustle of Ason (a market area in the heart of Kathmandu) make you want to buy everything. The colorful arrays of saree, fancy clothes, the shining utensils for sale, the varieties of spices on display really makes you want to touch and sense everything. The spice market of Ason is long crowded narrow road from Thamel to Basantapur with small kiosks to big supermarkets. Ason has everything. The medicinal herbs, the spices to add flavor to your food and artisanal tea shops for a souvenir. This is one of the best places for local shopping of wools and spices and walking tour is the perfect way to do it. This is the most unique way to immerse yourself in local lifestyle, living like a local.

Take a scenic flight over the Himalayas


Even when you are not trekking, you can enjoy the majestic view of the Everest by taking 1-hour mountain flights over the Himalayas. It is a luxurious way to see the mountain up close in limited time. The best times to catch a glimpse of the sparkling peaks are the months of winter from September to April. This is the time when the white snow sparkles brightly upon the mountains, with lakes and glaciers equally beaming with clear water flowing down from the Himalayas. Nothing compares to the sheer beauty or awe the Himalayas has to offer. Take the mother of all mountain flights, the Everest Experience where we put you, one on one with Mt. Everest, so close that you can almost touch it.

Hunt for best momos in town

Momo Food to try in Nepal

We Nepalese go crazy for momos and rightly so. The juicy meat mince wrapped in thin flour wrap is perfect for all seasons. The momo filling can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian with arrays of fillings for choosing.