8 rainy day activities to do around Lakeside Pokhara

Pokhara on a rainy day

Pokhara generally has a subtropical climate which is slightly milder than the rest of Nepal. At its most basic Pokhara still has a monsoon, summer and winter season which varies the temperature and precipitation. Pokhara receives the heaviest rainfall compared to other regions in Nepal. The main reason behind the heavy rain in Pokhara is the range of high hills and mountains surrounding this valley. Annapurna is one of the major ranges in this region and it makes the monsoon clouds collide and change into the rain. The nine lakes that are situated in the Pokhara valley are another reason. Sun rays make lake-water vapor which adds to the heavy rain in this region.

When traveling to Pokhara during Monsoon season (June to August), make sure to carry a raincoat or an umbrella with your backpack. Rainy days during travel can be hectic and boring, however, when in Pokhara you can do plenty of indoor activities enjoying the cool breeze from the rain.

1. Book reading in Cafes

What can be more relaxing than reading books while having a cup of tea beside the glittering Phewa lake? If you are a bibliophile, you can spend your rainy day fulfilling your reading desire. There are plenty of shops in Lakeside where you can find any books of your interest. Happy booking reading!!

2. Spa and massage

Spend your day pampering yourself with organized spa and massage at lakeside Pokhara. Especially if you are just back from a trek, looking for ultimate relaxation, go for Spa or massage to get the best body treatment of your choice. Let the professional therapist pamper you and reveal your beauty. Get the perfect balance of the Body, Mind, and Soul.

3. Enjoy local Fish and Beer at Pame

If I were you stuck in a rainy day in the hotel in Lakeside Pokhara, I would take a cab to Pame which is the popular destination for serving local fishes from the lake. Pame is 15-20 mins ride from Pokhara where you can spend your day enjoying local fish and beer with the panoramic view of Phewa lake.

4. Yoga Classes

Join yoga classes in Pokhara. There are plenty of Yoga schools in Pokhara where you can participate either in group or solo based on your budget and interest. Nothing beats the spiritual healing than practicing yoga class close to nature. Whether you are looking to begin your new yoga adventure, deepen your existing yoga practice or just rest, relax and enjoy this tranquil yogic environment, Pokhara can be the best place in for perfect yoga retreat.

5. Visit the International Mountain Museum

Many people in the world may not know much about the small country called Nepal, but they certainly know about this peak, the tallest in the world, called Mount Everest. Not only this highest peak but also other 8 of the 14 peaks above the height of eight thousand meters in the world stand tall in Himalayan range of Nepal, and all its values and mysteries are showcased in the one and only Mountain Museum in the world – the International Mountain Museum, right at the footsteps of the Himalayan range, in Pokhara, Nepal.

This expansive museum is devoted to the mountains and people of Nepal, the mountaineers who climbed them and the people who call them home. Inside, you can see original gear from many of the first Himalayan ascents, as well as displays on the history, culture, geology, and flora and fauna of the Himalaya. Don’t think twice, its just 10 mins ride on a cab from Lakeside, enjoy your day at the Museum, you won’t regret!

6. Nepali Cooking class

Dal Bhat and momo are the common Nepali food you will be having during your Nepal stay. If you want to learn to cook Nepali food then you will find plenty of places to learn Nepali cooking. Contact us if you are really interested in learning Nepali culinary. Allow us to help you in learning Nepali cooking.

7. Get monsoon discount and enjoy happy hour

Monsoon is known as off touristic season in Nepal. Hence, all the hotel and restaurant will have loads of offers, discounts at your service. If you are clever enough, take some time to explore the restaurant offers, hit the best deal you get. Not to miss, the Happy Hour starts early in off touristic season.

8. Go for the movie of your choice

There is plenty of Movie theatre and multiplex in Pokhara. The newly built QFX cinemas offer you world-class cinematic experience. Spend your day with movies and popcorn.

Lake side boats in Pokhara

It’s not like it will rain whole day for 8-10 hours in Pokhara. Usually, in monsoon, it showers heavily in the morning from 6-8 and in the afternoon after 2 pm. It’s likely that the rain might stop for 2-3 hours. So during this 2-3 hours window, you can go for the short walk, cycling around Lakeside or go shopping. It is not highly recommended but you can even hire a paddle boat with the roof for 1-2 hour boating during the no rain window.

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