Things to do in Bandipur (Nepal)

Planning to visit Bandipur and wondering how to spend your time in Bandipur/ what activities to do in Bandipur? We have got it all figured out for you. Bandipur is an elegant Newari town perched on the hilltops of the Western region of Nepal. Bandipur also popularly known as Queen of the Hills in Nepal lies midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara.  It is popular as a living museum of Newari culture and architecture which dates back to the 18th Century. Visiting Bandipur is like going back to medieval times. Traditional Newari-style houses have been converted into cafes and restaurants and lodges. Bandipur is inhabited by Newari people who came from Bhaktapur, who brought their unique culture and tradition. The ancient temple and public buildings have been preserved and some have been restored. The 18th-century building, outdoor dining setting, and walking streets give you a unique feeling.

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Did you know?

For centuries Bandipur was an important stopover point on the India-Tibet trade route until it was bypassed by the construction of the Prithivi HIghway in 1960.


  • Tour the ancient town of Bandipur

When in Bandipur a short tour around the stone-paved alley surrounded by beautiful houses, and temples is mandatory. The locals have kept Newari architecture alive by resorting to old monuments, and houses, and maintaining uniformity in housing design brought from Bhaktapur centuries ago. With car-free streets and beautiful 18th Century buildings, Bandipur is the most picturesque town in Nepal.


  • Experience a typical Nepali homestay in Bandipur

Overnight stay at the homestay can be an amazing experience for those who are keen to know the local culture and lifestyle. You will be staying at a typical Nepali house with your host. Interaction with your local host, eating Nepali cuisine and getting to know their culture, and lifestyle are the main highlights of staying at Homestay. Nevertheless, you will be supporting the local economy as your host makes living out of the income from the homestay.

  • Hike to Tani Mai Temple 

Thani Mani temple is a Hindu temple located at the top of the hill of Bandipur. The best sunrise from Bandipur can be seen from the temple. On a clear morning, you can see the most astonishing view of the Himalayas from the temple. A short 30 minutes hike to the temple in the morning is highly recommended to capture breathtaking pictures of the Himalayas. Just keep in mind that the weather in hill stations in Nepal can change in a matter of seconds, so you might not be able to enjoy the view if there is dense fog accompanying you, so be smart when choosing the time to hike for the best view in town.


  • Visit Khadga Devi Temple

The temple is located 10-15 minutes’ walk from Bandipur, giving visitors a panoramic view of picturesque Bandipur. On a clear day, you can enjoy the majestic view of the Himalayas from Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu from the temple. Khadga Devi Temple enshrines the sword of the 16th-century king of Palpa Mukunda Sen. It is believed that the sword is a gift from Lord Shiva. Every year during the Dashain (The famous Hindu festival) festival the sword gets a taste of sacrificial blood.


  • Visit Siddha Gufa

For adventure seekers, a 90 minutes downhill hike to Siddha Cave is something you shouldn’t miss. Visiting the cave is worth it if you have 2 days or more to stay in Bandipur as the visit to the cave is a half-day activity. If you prefer an easy route then take a ride to Bimalnagar (45 minutes max)  and further ascend to Siddha Cave. At 437 meters deep and 50metres high the cave is the largest cave in Nepal. No wonder cave exploration is the topmost thing to do in Bandipur.


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