Trekking in Nepal without a guide

Rolwaling Valley Trek

Why anyone traveling to Nepal should hire a Trekking agency/guide?

Nepal is a geographically diverse and remote country. If you have traveled to Nepal previously, you must know how trails are. You will be wrong if you expect the trails to follow the contour, uphill and downhill are what Nepal consists of.

It is highly recommended and in many cases compulsory to hire local trekking agencies and guide for the following reasons.

  1. Firstly, your trip to Nepal should contribute to its economy by providing employment to people and generating other opportunities.
  2. It’s wise enough to hire a local agent who looks after all the logistic arrangements. So that you can make use of your precious vacation relaxing and stress-free.
  3. Trekking trails in the mountains are not always stable and often misleading. So, a local guide who knows the trail and topography well should accompany you all the time which will be a valuable asset during difficult times.
  4. Safety comes first, no matter where and when you travel. Things may not go as planned sometimes and might require emergency evacuations. So, traveling through a local trekking agency will help you minimize risks and thus, avoid life-threatening circumstances.
  5. If you are planning for a Community Trek, the local dialect is a must. So, hiring a local guide from a trekking agency will help you to understand local culture/costume, religion, and way of life as a whole.
  6. While embarking on a trip that includes activities like bird watching, jungle walks, wildlife safaris, and botanical/zoological expeditions; it is even wiser to hire a local guide who is an expert in flora and fauna.
  7. Trekking alone in the Himalayas is highly discouraged as there are lots of cases in the past where trekkers get lost and rescue becomes myth. Things like these make international headlines and are certainly not a piece of good news for the struggling tourism industry of Nepal.