Everest Base Camp Trek – April 2022

Trek Everest from Srilanka with BeyulTreks
Team Srilanka- April 2022


Day 1(April 10th) and 2(April 11th) of the Journey:

Colombo, Sri Lanka(Bandaranaike International Airport)to Kathmandu, Nepal(Tribhuvan International Airport) to Lukla Domestic Airport.

Flying out on our national carrier SriLankan Airlines on a most convenient flight direct to Nepal, we reached the beautiful, vibrant and colorful city of Kathmandu, Nepal in just under 4 hours.

7 Days Everest View Trek


By: Pravesh Pradhan

It had been a long time since I last traveled out of Kathmandu valley. My earlier trip was back in December 2019, when there was no trace of Covid, at least in our part of the world. My friend Roshan invited me for a trek to Namche (scheduled for March 2020), a place near the region of Mount Everest and the other Himalayas. I had never trekked for more than a day nor at an altitude of more than 3000 meters and this was supposed to be a grueling one-week trek, as compared to the earlier short hikes. I then prepared myself for the trek by exercising, cycling/walking for the next few weeks. 

A short trip to Pokhara with my gang

By: Pravesh Pradhan


Like most of my trips, which always take place after ages of planning, this was also pending since two years. Some Indonesian and Chinese friends’ visit to Nepal made it possible for the trip to finally occur. There is a saying that it rains when unexpected things finally happen and so was the case with this trip, as it rained all of a sudden on the early morning of the trip. We had hired a van for 12 of us to drive to Pokhara.

   Trek to Shivalaya - Jubesi on Everest Region Trekking Nepal
For my second trek in Nepal, I wanted to see Mount Everest.  I didn’t need to be particularly close, and I have no desire to be amongst tourists all cramming themselves into Base Camp, I just wanted to see the highest mountain on earth with my own eyes.
So in late December, I set off again with Khadak as my guide.  Once again I left all the planning to him and enjoyed just following along with the trek he had planned.  We caught the bus from Kathmandu to Jiri arriving there at about 4pm and had time for some fabulous coffee and local donuts before catching the next bus to Shivalaya.  By the time the bus arrived it was near dark, and it was cold and pitch black when we arrived in Shivalaya.  We picked the closest lodge and settled down for the night with hot tea and daal bhat for dinner.

By: Katey Freeman

Mardi Himal Trek November 2017

I had never been on a trek before in my life, but arrived in Nepal with a determination to go trekking and experience the wonder which is the beauty of the Himalayas and the abundant wildlife here.  So on November 2 I left the city for the adventure of a lifetime – the Mardi Himal Trek.
I met Khadak at 6am in the morning and we took a private car to Kande, where we unloaded our kit and my very first trek got underway.  It seems I have a lot to learn about packing.  Even though I thought I had taken only “the essentials” my pack seemed much bigger and heavier than his!  Arriving at Australian Camp for a cup of divine Nepali tea was amazing, and the view reminded me that I was really trekking in Nepal, and doing something quite amazing.  We continued along the trail, which was surrounded by stunning forest and amazing scenery.

Cable car ride in Kathmandu

It had been a long time since we went out on a family trip. So, one Saturday, we decided for a trip to Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple in Chandragiri hill, which is a new tourist destination in the valley to pay worship to god Mahadev, as well as ride cable car.

Even though the weather was not good that day, especially when we were hoping to get a clear view of Kathmandu valley from the hilltop, we still decided to visit the place.