Trip to Melamchighyang

Trip to Melamchighyang

By: Pravesh Pradhan

Waterfall in Nepal

I was in a very much-needed fresh nature break from work and a monotonous life. Hence, I had joined my friends for a short impromptu weekend trip to Melamchighyang, a well-known hiking destination. 

The destination is not so far from the city on the map, a mere 75km away from Kathmandu. That being said, it is a fact that nothing worth comes that easy. We started our drive at seven in the morning and drove along with continuous wonderful views throughout the journey, which came in forms of Himalayas, mountains, rivers, villages, etc. Since the road leading to the destination was not an express highway and as we were traveling on monsoon season, the drive was more than an adventurous one. Thanks to the season though, we bypassed a few very beautiful waterfalls. 

Just before reaching the final destination of the day, something more interesting was waiting for me though. We had reached the end of the driving road and had to cross a bridge on foot to reach a cottage where we were supposed to spend our night. It is usually normal for most of the people but definitely not for me since I have my own mini issues with height and scary monsoon rivers. I took my own time to step foot on the bridge and after providing some mini entertainment to my friends and local by lookers, we reached another end of the bridge. So finally, after ten hours of drive and five bonus minutes of personal thrilling adventure, we reached the cottage, which was simple yet cozy. We had local cuisines, a few drinks and spent a night in a tent. The cottage was located at the bottom of the hill, which we were supposed to climb the next morning. It drizzled throughout the night and sleeping next to the hill was some kind of experience. 

Waterfall trip to Nepal

The next morning, after our breakfast, we started our uphill hike along with a local guide. I was glad for having brought my walking stick, which was finally in use after getting it as a gift some five years back. It was an exciting and tiring journey uphill with few mini-breaks in between and we reached the top after around two and a half hours. The guide seemed introvert and was quite quiet until then but was very helpful throughout. 

Upon reaching the top, I was fascinated by the area, the mesmerizing view and was so glad to have made the trip. My overthinking mind came to a halt after a long time and all I did was enjoy the heavenly view. While my friends climbed a telecommunication tower for some works (obviously not my cup of tea), I walked on my own and for a moment felt as if I was in the so-called heaven. The view was simply amazing! We spent some time with local people there, where they served us tea and local alcohol to our guide. They humbly rejected our numerous payment offer for the drinks, which was kind of them. 

Melamchighyang Helambu Circuit Trek

After spending around two-three hours, we started our downhill hike. Unlike during the uphill journey, our earlier introvert guide completely turned into an extrovert one (thanks to the limited amount of local alcohol he had consumed and been more familiar to us). The guide entertained us throughout downhill hike with his non-stop entertaining chats, queries, stories and jokes. In no time, we reached the cottage to bask in the sun. 

We rested, freshened up, had our lunch and finally reached the bridge again. This time though, I was more prepared and even though the mini issue was still intact, I enjoyed a bit this time around. The other reason I was more prepared to cross the bridge was that my friends had taken me to the same bridge the previous night after drinking a bit. Never tell or show people about your shortcomings they say and especially to your friends, who will ensure that they will help you overcome it. The view at the top and bridge will remain a part of my memory for a very long time for sure.

Nepal Helambu Trekking

Finally, we started our drive and after a long twelve hours journey, reached our home in the late evening. It took us longer this time as the rough road had gotten rougher due to the overnight rain and we had long breaks in between. It was an adventurous weekend trip and most importantly, a healing one for me. My T-shirt decided to remain there basking in the sun and since it was too late by the time I had realized, I rather let it stay there as a token of appreciation for all the memorable gestures I received from that place. It was such a memorable trip that I have still not forgotten any of it and am writing the blog five months after the trip, instead happily revitalizing the memory.      


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