Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trekking

Manaslu region may not have the aura of Everest or Annapurna, but the majestic mountain of Manaslu (8163m) has a remote charm that calls on all trekkers to discover the undiscovered. Lush forests, terraced hillsides, mysterious canyons, gargantuan summits, and Tibetan Buddhist culture are the major highlights of the trek. So long beyond the horizon, the Tsum Valley is astonishing and secretive. Hilltops monasteries, traditional villages, colorful people, enigmatic yaks, and hundreds of Mani walls, Chorten, and Kani gates add to the compulsive blend.

Mt Manaslu at Manaslu Circuit Trekking

The Manaslu trekking route might be one of the closest mountain adventures to Kathmandu. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors, vegetation, landscapes, and climates. The sensational mountain vistas and unworldly landscapes will be etched into your memory forever. 


Manaslu circuit is not only limited to different geography but is also rich in culture along with biological diversity. Situated near the border of Nepal and Tibet, you get to experience both Nepalese and Tibetan culture. Experts consider the Manaslu Circuit Trek among the best treks in Nepal. Despite its recent rise in popularity, the Manaslu Trek remains remote and off-the-beaten-path compared to the better-known tea-house treks in Nepal. The trek takes you around Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft). 

Tsum Valley

The Tsum area can be divided into three distinct zones. The lower entry region is wild, forested, and steep-sided, as one would expect of a lost world. The main populated zone of Upper Tsum is generally flattish, with a gentle upward slope going north. The valley here is quite wide but is hemmed in by amazingly sheer-sided cliffs. Most of the villages are found in this fertile zone, where potatoes, buckwheat, winter wheat, and barley are grown, along with mustard. The fields are separated by dry stone walls for protection against livestock. Walnut and apple trees prosper in the climate of the valley. Higher up beyond the Nile and Chhule is the Tibetan region, where the landscape is dry, arid, and reminiscent of the Tibetan plateau, with barren hillsides and soaring, strangely eroded mountain sides.

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    • Off-Road Drive
    • Less Visited Trek, and hence, few places could be less comfortable
    • Initial uphill for 2 days
    • Lharke Pass and less visited trail in Tsum Valley
    Day Description Overnight Altitude
    1 Welcome to Kathmandu! Dinner with cultural show Kathmandu 1340m
    2 Drive from Kathmandu to Soti khola via Arughat Sotikhola 815m
    3 Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola Maccha Khola 800m
    4 Trek from Maccha Khola to Jagat Jagat 1370m
    5 Trek from Jagat to Philim Philim 1570m
    6 Trek from Philim to Lokpa Lokpa 2240m
    7 Trek from Lokha to Chumling Chumling 2386m
    8 Trek from Chumling to Chhokang Paro Chhokang 3031m
    9 Trek from Chhokan Paro to Nile Nile 3361m
    10 Trek from Nile to Mu Gompa Mu Gompa 3700m
    11 Rest day/ Side trip to Monateries Mu Gompa 3700m
    12 Trek from Mu Gompa to Rachen Rachen 3240m
    13 Trek from Rachen to Domje Domje 2460m
    14 Trek from Domje to Lokpa Lokpa 2240m
    15 Trek from Lokpa to Ghap Ghap 2165m
    16 Trek from Ghap to Lho Lho 3180m
    17 Trek from Lho to Sama Gaon/Ro Sama Gaon 3525m
    18 Day trip to Manaslu Base Camp (via Birednra Tal) Sama Gaon 3525m
    19 Trek from Sama Gaon to Samdo Samdo 3850m
    20 Acclimatization Day in Samdo Samdo 3850m
    21 Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala Dharamsala 4460m
    22 Trek from Dharamsala to Bimtang via Larkya La (5135m) Bimtang 3590m
    23 Trek from Bimtang to Dharapani Dharapani 1860m
    24 Drive from Dharapani to Kathmandu Kathmandu 1340m
    25 Depart Kathmandu Kathmandu 1340m
    Lharke pass at Manaslu Circuit Trekking
    Glacier at Manaslu Circuit Trekking
    Manaslu Circuit Trekking
    Lharke pass at Manaslu Circuit Trekking
    Samdo at Manaslu Circuit Trekking
    Tsum Valley Trekking

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