Paragliding in Pokhara- Details

The human kind always had a dream. Throughout history, constructing wings and balloons, jumping off cliffs and building engines, humans always wanted to experience the same freedom in the sky as the birds. Even today the dream of flying silently in the sky is realized by only a select few. Paragliding is a testament to human success in realizing this dream. Since it’s inception, paragliding has spread all over the world as people searched for new places to explore their new-found freedom and ability.

Paragliding Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the top 5 commercial tandem paragliding locations in the world, with all the right ingredients: stable thermals, convenient take-off and landing zones, the safety of a large lake and incredible mountain views.

Flight type Rate($)
Short Flight (20-30 min): 120
Long Flight (40-50 min): 150
Paragliding in Pokhara

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