Paragliding Pokhara

As claimed by Lonely Planet – “A Mirror to the Himalayas”, POKHARA is the ultimate destination in Nepal that is perfect for the visit any time of the year. With diverse landscape through a sudden rise of altitude from 800-5000 meter in short distance of 25km, Pokhara offers spectacular scenery, with all possible adventure activities. Added by comfortable hotels to stay, exotic cuisines from all corner of the world, topped with a flavor of hospitable Nepalese people, Pokhara serves you an experience of a lifetime.

Bullet ride to Nagarkot

I have been to Nagarkot hundreds of times but every time the town offers a different charm. A small hilltop town 30 km from Kathmandu, Nepal offers the spectacular view of the mountains and of the valley. On 18th August 2016, we decided to take the alternative route to this beautiful town. This route offers the view of the residing villages and is rugged. Since it takes one and half hour ride from Kathmandu to Nagarkot, we started our trip after lunch. We got on our Royal Enfield and took off. The alternate off road ride to Nagarkot is not graveled and is a bit rugged. The road is narrower and passes through many villages around Kathmandu. The trip begins with lush greenery of Sankhu.

View from Khopra

As a part of September trekking, this time we decided to trek along Annapurna Circuit. We planned to start it on 2nd September, Friday. For those who would rather want fewer crowds, it is the best time. Later, such tourist areas get full and sometimes 100% occupied.


Day1: Long bus & jeep ride day.

The day was finally there, 2nd September. We decided to meet by 5, and we promised to wake each other up. One of the best thing about my September trek friends is, they always get ready one hour earlier no matter how early we decide to leave. I took a taxi from Pepsicola and left for Sankhamul to pick Topi and Sudip. It was only on the road, I remembered that I forgot stick and my light.


The Universe and its endless wonders always fascinated me. I had a wish to watch the Meteor Shower. Perseid meteor shower on August 11 and 12, 2016 was one best chance to view 150-200 Perseids per hour. Also, I had the wish to capture those moments, and show the world how it looked like. On the other hand, I knew that I had very less chance to view that, as it was monsoon in Nepal. Then we decided to hire a tent and stay at the top of the hill somewhere in Gorkha. Khadak dai stays in Gorkha and he took lead in managing all requirements. I had never stayed in the tent, in the jungle but had always wished to experience someday.

When I shared my idea with dai, he was even more excited about the plan. In addition, his photography skill was way beyond mine. So, finally, the plan was scheduled for August 11 and 12. We both knew about the monsoon threat, but tent experience in the middle of “Peace” would be something (at least) we could get back on that day. I was already starting to count for that day.

Travelling has long been fascinating to most people. There is never an endpoint for the travel enthusiast, it is one of the most amazing things to experience different cultures in different parts of the world.  People all over the world have always been open to exciting, adventurous world travel that leads them to live happier, fulfilling lives.  Most importantly, traveling is a great option to invest in our desires where we get more exposure to the fascinating world we live in.

Benefits of Trekking

Trekking is believed to be one of the most satisfying outdoor activities.  Not only does it guarantees complete spiritual refreshment, but it also offers multiple health benefits.  No matter what your fitness level, walking offers a plethora of benefits both mentally and physically.  Walking also allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the opportunity to engage with local communities whilst also gaining the benefits of physical exercise.  The mind can relax and forget daily worries, and anxiety can be reduced by breathing deeply and enjoying your surroundings.