Travel, a wider perspective of life

Travelling has long been fascinating to most people. There is never an endpoint for the travel enthusiast, it is one of the most amazing things to experience different cultures in different parts of the world.  People all over the world have always been open to exciting, adventurous world travel that leads them to live happier, fulfilling lives.  Most importantly, traveling is a great option to invest in our desires where we get more exposure to the fascinating world we live in.

When meeting people who have traveled for the first time either within their own country or overseas for the first time, it is always interesting to discover other cultures with different values to our own.  Every country in the world faces different challenges every day, and yet when traveling we get to understand that even though our values are different, people live satisfying lives, supporting their communities and welcoming visitors and sharing their cultures with us.  Travelling is excellent therapy, it allows to us to broaden our horizons both mentally and physically.  While visiting a country like Nepal, you will see how strong the family connection and bond is, and this translates to true gratitude for our families back home.  Family and friends are important to everyone, nowhere more than Nepal.

Community Trek and bonding between trek participants

Travelling offers us the chance to escape our daily lives, and appreciate that happiness comes in many different forms.  The joy of meeting new people, sharing experiences and adventures and being invited to take part in festivals, indulge in fine food and embrace different cultures and beliefs enriches our lives.  Being privileged enough to travel allows us the freedom to discover all places we only dreamed of, and to appreciate the natural healing qualities that the freedom of traveling allows us.

The fun of traveling is not limited to finding out new places, it also helps us to embrace new cultures while admiring all the natural beauty the world has to offer.  Learning different languages and conversing with local people is a fantastic way to connect and there is always a huge appreciation for travelers who are willing to try their hand at the local language.

Traveling has something for everyone.  Spectacular scenery, enticing cuisine, and colorful festivals; every traveler find something they can enjoy.  And surely nothing beats the opportunity to meet like-minded people – whether they are locals or other adventurers from around the world.  Making friends is easy and even the shy traveler soon embraces the warm greetings from people welcoming them.

Nepalese people have long been known as the friendliest people in the world.  We want to welcome you to our country, to share its’ beauty and warmth with you and introduce you to our culture.  And that, perhaps, is why in Nepal “once is never enough”.


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